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Casino Dealers: To Tip or Not to Tip

Casino dealers are of great value at land-based gambling halls. They may never help you win but they are definitely part of the experience.

Casino dealers earn a fix amount for servicing the casino's loyal patrons and some extra from gamblers who tip them. Like waiter and waitresses who gets bonuses for supplying efficient service, casino dealers are also rewarded, mostly based on how well they are able to perform their job. Sometimes, however, their behavior does not matter. What mostly matters is the outcome of the game. If the gambler wins, casino dealers usually enjoy some generosity; if the gambler loses, casino dealers are also the ones who take the bad beat.

As good patrons, gamblers must realize that casino dealers have nothing to do with the outcome of their games. Thus, they should never take out their anger and frustration about the outcome of their games on the dealers. If that is the case, you might say that dealers do not deserve to get tips or be rewarded as well when you are on lucky strikes. Well, that is up to you, really.

Tipping dealers, as with any other cases, depends solely on the tipper. It's either that you want to do it or not -- and the casino dealers would have nothing to do about it. Tipping says a lot about how delighted you are of the services you have been given. It should not reflect your mood or your current state. Yes, casino dealers receive salaries from their employers. It is their duty to supply your needs while you are inside the casino. Then again, it would not hurt you much if you recognize their good deeds.

Remember that tipping is a personal thing. You do it because you want to. You are not obliged to do it. There is no specific amount required for a tip. You give what you feel good about. It's common sense. Gamblers who are having a good day at the casino and are winning a stash of cash will naturally be more generous about tipping. Gamblers who are having bad beats and losing their gambling money, on the other hand, are expected not to leave a single cent for a tip.

Ideally, a player leaves the dealer a tip, no matter how big or small, if he feels satisfied of the services submitted to him. There are casinos who allow their dealers to take the tips they received to themselves. But there are also casinos that ask their dealers to pool their tips. The amount pooled is then divided equally.

No matter how the dealer is enjoying your tip, you can be sure that they do. So whenever you find an opportunity, tip the dealer.