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El Gordo an Experienced Name in the Field of Lottery

This article gives a brief outline on the operations of one of the oldest lotteries operating out of Spain.

El Gordo Lottery, managed by the World Lottery, has been the uncrowned king of Spanish lottery ever since 1860s and got its online version in 1940s. With players from around 140 countries El Gordo is one of the oldest formally recognized lotteries gaming.

It works on the same principle as EuroMillions or Mega Millions with a powerball type format. It features various games like Bonoloto, EuroMillions, Sunday 5/54+1 and National Lottery all base on the same format of selecting five numbers from a larger set of numbers and two star numbers from a smaller set of serial numbers. Based on the degree of match between the entries and the random draw the players are entitled for prizes.

The attractive point of El Gordo is that the prizes are tax free. It also has games named football Pools based on Spanish Football league games. El Gordo sends updates and news articles to all its subscribers about latest offerings at their websites.

Some cronies have been repeatedly trying to sabotage the game of lottery by sending fake mails to people informing them of winning in a lottery and the winners need to deposit a certain processing fee to encash the win. El Gordo is one authentic website for an enjoyable experience of lottery and betting and warns of such operations to general public.