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Golf Solitaire: Enjoy playing a fast paced game

So, you want to play a game that is quick and at the same time offers lots of excitement? Then you can enjoy playing Golf Solitaire. While playing the game, you don’t have to think hard; in fact all you do is just relax. But at the same time, you also do need some skills in order to come out as a winner.

How to play the game- The building is done on a sole waste pile. A single, showed card from one of the 7 columns possibly is relocated to the waste pile, if either ascending or descending order is followed regardless of the suit. At times, it can happen that the aces might build on Kings and Kings might build on Aces. When there are no more cards to be shifted to the waste pile from the columns, a card is then taken from the stock and is dealt to the waste pile and so the building continues. While making your initial move, you may play any of the uncovered column cards to the waste pile. So, it becomes necessary to evaluate the cards swiftly, so as to see which card might show the finest initial series.

Layout- The cards are dealt in 7 columns and each one of them has 5 cards facing upwards. All those exposed cards available at the bottom of every column; they can be used for playing.

How to become a winner in the game- As and when the stock is worn out and no more building can be done and then the game is over.