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Basic Casino Comps; the "Free Stuff"

We all want it and we can all have it; casino complementary tickets, also known as comps. Casino comps are the so-called free stuff that you get whenever you play for a certain amount of wager in a certain amount of time. Here we explain to you how you can get these casino comps and how they may help you in future casino visits.

The first thing that you have to do if you want a share in the world of casino comps, is to sign up for a player reward card that can count the number of times you are playing on machines for example. These cards are often called slot club card and the main intention of this card is to count the amount of time you are spending on a slot machine, the amount of money you have spend and the amount of money you have lost. The more you lost, the higher your casino comps will be.

If you are playing on table games such as Blackjack or Roulette, make sure that you present your card to the dealer or the pit supervisor to get your casino comps. High-rollers usually don't need any card, because they receive their comps from the manager or pit manager. The comps of the high-rollers that play long, and lose or win big are usually far greater than casino comps received by recreational slot machine players. Since the amount of loss is greater, the comps are greater too and give you free hotel rooms, free travel, and free limousine use.

The casino comps for the recreational gamblers amount to free beverages, free food, free chips and also free travel fare and stay. As long as you have accumulated enough points on your slot club card, you can make use of your freebies. You should also monitor your mail and e-mail, because the casinos get in touch with you through these means. You get several casino comps through e-mail such as free meal comps and even free fare comps, so make sure that you check your e-mail regularly.

Once you collected enough casino comps, you could be having an entirely free casino experience in the future that is of course if you have lost a big amount previously. You should see casino comps as a healing patch that the casinos apply once you have been hurt by the amount that you have lost.

Use all the information about how to get casino comps wisely because only with a certain amount of loss will you receive a reward in form of casino comps.